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Elementary School Directories

Elementary School / PTA Directory and Handbook

Parents of elementary school-aged children need to stay informed. Play dates, sick-days, and last minute “surprise” projects. There are plenty of ways that an elementary school directory and handbook comes in handy.

Connecting Directories can take your file and turn it into a professional looking printed directory. You either submit a pre-formatted file that you prepare (“camera-ready”) or we’ll do it for you.

If you do the typesetting we’ll expect a PDF file, Word file, Publisher file or something similar — if we do the typesetting we’ll expect an Excel file for the student list and a separate file with information for the front part of the directory (school contact information, calendar, PTA Board Info, etc). We can assist with file specifics before you get started.

Here’s an example of the type of information that is often included in an Elementary School Directory:

“Front Matter” Section:

  • School Address, Phone Numbers, Other Contact Info
  • Hours (First Bell, Lunch, Class Dismissal)
  • Information regarding school absences
  • School staff and contact information
  • PTA Board information, committees and meeting schedule
  • School Calendar

Listings Section(s):

  • Child’s Name
  • Parents’ Names
  • Address
  • Phone number(s) (cell phones and/or home phone)
  • Parent’s email address(es)
  • Two Listings Sections — One sorted by Child’s Last Name, the other Sorted by Classroom.

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    Color inkBlack ink

    White stockColor stock

    Art has bleedArt has no bleed

    Cover art providedCover art not provided

    Glossy stockMatte stock


    Excel file provided for listingsListings provided in other format

    Front section provided in Word or PDFNo front section to be included

    Advertisements will be includedNo advertisements to be included


    Saddle Stich (Stapled)Comb Binding (plastic comb spirals type)


    5 1/2" Wide by 8 1/2" Tall8 1/2" Wide by 11" Tall


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