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HOA Direct‐Mail

Direct Mailing of HOA Directories

Are you one of the HOA’s still doing all volunteer-based distribution? Do you rely on volunteers to do door-to-door delivery of the directories or stuff in envelopes, affix postage and address labels then drop at the post office? There’s a better way.

Connecting Directories’ HOAs who have a current publishing agreement are eligible for direct mail service with a newsletter stuffing option.

Connecting Directories HOA Direct-Mail Service Includes the Following:

  • Print Directories
  • Bind Directories
  • Provide Envelopes
  • Provide/Produce Labels
  • Stuff Envelopes and Optional Newsletter/Dues Notice
  • Affix Labels and Postage
  • Deliver to Post Office


 Homeowners Association Direct-Mail Price List:

HOA Size:

HOA Pays:

Add Newsletter:

150 $55 plus Postage $20
300 $65 plus Postage $35
500 $85 plus Postage $45
750 $125 plus Postage No Charge
1,000 $155 plus postage No Charge
1,500 $245 plus postage No Charge
2,000 $375 plus postage No Charge