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FAQ – Organizations

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the directories really free?

For churches, homeowner’s associations, school districts, MARSP Chapters and most other organizations enrolled in our annual ad-supported directory service, the printing, binding and delivery of the directories is 100% no-cost. Direct-mail is an option for all organizations and is no additional cost to qualifying churches. For HOA and MARSP organizations who choose to use our optional direct-mail service, the HOA or MARSP pays postage and a reasonable processing fee. If the optional direct-mail service is not requested, directories are shipped at no-cost via UPS. Click the appropriate link for more information: HOA, MARSP, direct-mail

How often will my directory be produced:

The Connecting Directories no-cost directory program requires that a directory be published annually (off-years for church pictorial directories allowed).

Will Member Information Be Sold or Used for Marketing Purposes:

Connecting Directories keeps member information in strict-confidence and never sells mailing lists.

Will my Church/HOA/MARSP/School District be required to find advertisers, sell and coordinate ad copy?

Connecting Directories will take care of all aspects of advertising support for your directory. While we will ask you for some suggestions regarding ad leads, you will not be responsible for any aspect of advertising sales.

This seems like a really big project. Will this take a lot of Volunteer/Staff time?


  • You’re already tracking all of the member information we need. Your information will be exported directly from your Church Management Software. Connecting Directories is 100% compatible with all popular Church Management Software (this should be a link with a hashtag to the church software list) currently on the market. If you don’t want to use the data from your software and would prefer to keep a separate file, we can send an Excel file template that you can use to compile the member information we will use.

Homeowners Associations:

  • You’re already managing homeowner information so that you can keep track of dues. Chances are you have all of the data in an Excel file. If so there’s a pretty good chance we can work with it. If you don’t have the information in an Excel file we can send a template to get you started

MARSP Chapters:

  • Your chapter is already keeping member information up to date. Connecting Directories is 100% compatible with the Excel file that you can download from your MARSP Chapter website. If you don’t want to use the data from the chapter website and would prefer to keep a separate file, we can send an Excel file template to get you started.

Am I going to have to figure this out all on my own?

Connecting Directories offers free technical support to all of our customers. We use a remote support tool that enable us to connect to your computer while you watch. We will walk you through the process of exporting/downloading your member list or assist you with any other problem or question you have. In many cases we’ll just do the work for you.